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About Us

About Us.

Integrated solutions Agency.

We solve complex business challenges through Marketing, Commerce, Products & Service Design and Consultancy offerings. Our focus is the agile development of web, cloud, desktop and mobile applications - and helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation.

We first opened our doors in 2013 with the basis of offering clients bespoke software solutions for the web. Over time, the company evolved to other aspects of the IT industry, including digital designs, web design & development, system development, integration, staffng solutions through consulting work.

Software & Mobile Development

We bunker down some of the brightest minds to create solutions aimed at taking on today’s tech driven society. Businesses evolve, and we are there to help bespoke solutions for those requirements.

UI/UX Design

Design is a factor in interpreting how users will interact with your brand. We work together with our clients to create visually appealing work to better communicate our client’s brand better.

Digital Marketing

Marketing solutions have crossed the border as more individuals consume the internet differently. We come up with concepts to market brands better and more effectively across said internet, to the intended market.

hosting solutions

We have a range of different solutions to host and deploy our client’s websites and applications to make them available through whichever network one would like.

SEO & Analytics

We analyze diverse marketing data to provide our clients with deep insights as to their website and applications. From this data we setup strategies to optimize these platforms where needed.

Hardware & Software Supplies

We supply both hardware equipment and software packages from the leading brands in the world, supported by a solid supply chain, this also includes setting up and make sure that clients are up and running in no time.

Our Values.

We want to understand - This is often in relation to getting the bases right, in order to create the correct trajectory for us to deliver on expectations within the set timelines. We sit down with our clients to discuss their expectations so that we can understand them as best as possible; We think long term - Our solutions are often delivered on the basis that our client wants to solve a long term problem. Our delivery points often cater to making sure that we can make our client’s problems manageable in the long run;
We really do consider the humans - Our solutions are user-focused. We care about what your customers want; We keep it simple; We give constant feedback - Our process involves out clients from ideation to inception. We give honest and concise feedback during that process, to keep every step as transparent as possible

Our Partners.

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